Diamond Challenge Shape Up Day 1

Join our #diamondchallenge! It’s Shape Up Day and we have a great exercise for you: Our Circle Squat Exercise focusses on your legs and arms. It is so easy and all you need is 1 MINUTE! You can do it at the office to boost your circulation or at home while watching TV. Straddle your […]

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How to Reach Your Goals

Having goals is nothing very extraordinary, but actually achieving these goals is not only hard work but also planning, discipline and habit. What are your goals and dreams? I bet you can instantly name a handful. If there were no boundaries and no risk to fail, what would you love doing most?  We often catch ourselves […]

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How to Find Your Workout Pal

We all know the problem – sometimes we are not motivated to workout, we don’t want to the gym or we would really like to stay on the couch and watch TV. The best recipe against this problem is find a friend who supports you. If you schedule workout dates with friends you are less […]

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