You just got ready for working out outside and suddenly it starts raining. On your business trip you are staying in a hotel with a really bad gym room. This week, your kids are at home a lot and you just cannot get outside to work out. All these situations might serve as a great excuse for not exercising.

We have the solution for you. These exercises can be done anywhere, you do not need any expensive equipment and all these exercises are only 2 minutes or less. Therefore, you can squeeze them in between meetings, do them at your hotel room or when your kids are busy playing.

All you need is a soft pad (e.g. a mat or blanket), a sofa or chair (it has to be firm, i.e. without castors) and two water bottles. Just follow the video above to train your whole body.

You can get the full videos of the exercises including instructions in our FREE app. Click here to download the app and choose the following exercises:

  1. Circle Squat (arms)
  2. Indecisive Seat (legs)
  3. Crystal Crunches (belly)
  4. Tip Tap (back and butt)
  5. Glamour Plank (shoulders and back)

There are many more exercises you can choose from. Just pick the ones you like most!

Enjoy and feel glamorous!




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