The time from May until September is very popular for weddings. Have you also received invitations for weddings this year? Do you already know what you are going to wear? Or are you still not sure what is OK to wear? Let me help you with this 🙂


You can wear what makes you feel comfortable but if this outfit attracts too much attention and draws the attention away from the bridge, do not wear it. It is your friend’s big day and she should be in the spotlight, not any of her guests.

Rule Number 2: Careful with the colours

Depending on the country or the culture of the couple, you should refrain from wearing certain colours. In Europe and North America, the bride will wear white most of the time. Therefore, white is a no-go for any other guest. As black is a mourning colour in these countries, it is also not appropriate to wear. I only wore black once and asked for the permission of the bride if it was OK for her. Similarly, white is a mourning colour in a lot of Asian countries. Therefore, pastel colours are usually a good choice. At an Indian wedding, it is a must to wear something colourful (even if you do not own any traditional Indian clothes, wear the most colourful dress you own or one with a bright colour).

Rule Number 3: Length is key

I really love those long summer dresses that flow nicely. But I also really like cocktail dresses. Make sure that your dress is not too short. I usually go with a length slightly above the knee. If I know that the couple’s family is more traditional, I make sure I cover the knee and also have a scarf to cover my shoulders during the ceremony.

Rule Number 4: Do not reveal everything

Please stay away from super-revealing clothes. If there are religious ceremonies, it is highly inappropriate to enter churches, temples or mosques with revealing clothes. It does not mean that everything has to be buttoned up but a deep neckline will not only be inappropriate but probably will also make you feel uncomfortable.

Rule Number 5: Read the dress code carefully and research the location

A lot of wedding invitations include a dress code. Make sure you respect this code because there is nothing more embarrassing than being dressed inappropriately. What is there is no dress code? I usually get in touch with the bride or the wedding planner and enquire about it. If it is impossible to get any information on it, a safe bet is usually a cocktail dress at knee-length. I usually do some research about the location before the wedding. One of my friends got married at a beautiful lake house and there was a very long pier to reach the location where it would be impossible to walk with stilettos. Therefore, I chose to wear block heels and also brought flats as a backup. Similarly, at a garden wedding, stilettos might cause some difficulties walking in the grass.

Rule Number 6: Day makeup with a glamorous twist

Regarding the makeup, I would advise to go for a day makeup with a glamorous finish – maybe a light glitter. It also depends on the choice of your outfit, of course. As weddings usually start in the early afternoon and last until late at night, I would go for makeup that still looks nice after some hours outside in the sun. I also advise you to go for waterproof makeup (especially for your eyes in case you might drop a few tears).

Rule Number 7: Supermodel hair

As this is a very special occasion, you can go bold with your hair: either curls or a glamorous hairdo à la Audrey Hepburn. There are really no creative boundaries here (as long as you keep it elegant). I would refrain from ponytails. Furthermore, choose a hairdo that, similar to your makeup, will look good throughout the event.

Rule Number 6: Do not forget it is an official event

Most of you will now think that the following is completely exaggerated and unnecessary to mention. However, I have been to so many weddings across the globe recently and you would be surprised how many people showed up dressed as if they went to the movie theatre, a beach party or on a hike (this is not joke). Please do not forget that this is a very important day for your friends and that it is definitely an occasion where everybody should dress up. Unless it is specifically mentioned in the invitation that the dress code is casual (which it actually rarely is), do not wear the following

  • Sneakers, sports shoes, flip flops or sports sandals (yep, seen all of them)
  • Jeans
  • Beach dresses
  • T-shirts
  • Mini-skirts
  • Shorts
  • Tank-tops

What is your favourite wedding outfit? Or are you struggling to find the perfect outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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